The Technology

Unique Technology:

8-point tactile system –using 8 different points of contact (including your thumb, fingers, and soles of feet) to accurately measure your whole body

No estimations – InBody technology does not guess any information or use algorithms to calculate your body composition

Medical grade machine – approved by TGA – the InBody machine gives you a consistent, non-intrusive reading of your body composition

Segmental Measurements – this device scans your body into five different cylinders to give you a more precise breakdown of your lean and fat analysis

Multiple currents – using different frequencies, the InBody machine scans your body to measure for resistance to create your accurate reading


How it works:

The Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) approach allows your measurements to take place by sending multiple currents through the body. When a current is sent through the body, it produces a level of resistance for water, fat, muscle, and bone. The greater amount of water, the less resistance.

Using the impedance and length of a cylinder (and height of an individual), BIA determines the volume of the body water. From knowing this information (and using mathematical concepts), the body composition is determined, giving you all your readings.


Why get a scan?

A healthy balance between muscle and fat improves your wellness and helps decrease a risk for further health issues in life. Getting a regular scan (every 6-8 weeks) can help keep you accountable for your lifestyle actions and where you are currently sitting at.

Low muscle mass can result in a higher risk for fractured bones, longer recovery time from injury, reduced functional ability in life and higher risk of mortality.

Visceral fat – this is the fat found in your abdominal region, surrounding your organs. If too high, this can lead to many health complications including, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, depression, and Alzheimer’s. Having excess fat increases serious health risks, as does having low muscle mass. Keeping a regular fitness and nutrition routine can eliminate these issues. Your InBody scan will measure your progression (and your degression) to keep you on track.