The accuracy of the machine helps me to set goals for my clients. Being able to break down where the muscle and fat tissue lies gives them a chance that ability to see any imbalances. Having the app on their phone gives them that reminder that they are being accountable and will need another scan to keep them on track. 100% I will keep using this service – having the convenience and flexibility at my house is amazing! Everything that total body composition has done for me has been so helpful and useful
Dwayne Patmore
Competitor, Personal Trainer
We have been using Karo and her team at Total Body Composition for over 3 years. They have been easy to deal with, on-time, very professional in all dealings with us and our clients. They setup and conduct the scans efficiently, explain the results and goal possibilities with our clients. 10/10, will scan with again. The way the 570 keeps a long-term database of our client’s results is helpful to see trends over time. Being able to show positive trends over time is why we keep getting Karo and TBC back. Our favourite metrics are the visceral bodyfat, total bodyfat and bone mineral content. We have and do recommend the Total Body Composition team to other gyms. It is a no-fuss way to engage your clients. We build a day around it now and see a great turnout. From those results we can help our clients plan their months ahead especially around their nutrition
Jake Mole
Owner and CrossFit Competitor – Crossfit Laarikins, Everton Hills
I find Total Body composition the best in the business! Always very welcoming and professional! They help our members have a full understanding of what they are looking at once they get their scans. We find some of our Members Can be A little nervous getting a body scan, but 10 times out of 10 Total Body composition makes them feel at ease in no time! This is why we always get them back for all of our Inbody scans!
Cody Philp
Coach, Owner of FIT Culture Gym, Gold Coast
The service is like no other - super friendly, organised and easy to book/rebook. Staff are professional and always take the time to explain everything to our clients We use to to track the progress of our members during their Transform Challenges. It’s a great tool to track progress and display how well our training and nutrition systems work We would highly recommend this service to others, you would be silly not to!
Kate Richmond
Coach, and owner of Strength Collective, Gold Coast
The Service is fantastic! Very friendly staff and super knowledgeable in the field. They are great at assisting employees on their health and fitness journey to keep them accountable. 100% recommend this service to others.
Shelley Dobson
TBC Customer
Total Body Composition provides an excellent service. They go above and beyond to work in with you on providing their service when you need it. They have the expertise to clearly explain the numbers and the useful information on the scan in a way that our members can easily makes sense of it. I would highly recommend this service
Amanda Drake
Owner of F45 Byron Bay
The service is seamless and reliable. Booking is not complicated, and we have never had an issue with last minute changes. We have used this service for several years now every six weeks. We use this technology because it’s a reliable and consistent way to measure our clients progress and provide them with real time results
Chantal O’Brien
Strength Coach and Owner of Ritual HQ, The Gap and Everton Park
We have been using Karo and the Team at Total Body Composition since 2017 for all our challenge programs to help track our clients progress on their health and fitness journeys. Each time we have been blessed to have one of the fantastic team out to take the time to not only scan but also interact and explain the scans to all our clients which gives them a proper understanding of the scan. The Inbody 570 Technology has been a great addition to our challenges as it shows the client not only their weight but also their muscle mass and their fat mass etc, which gives them a healthier perspective about their bodies and what they are made up of. We try to take the focus off it just being about the weight loss and the scan technology allows us to show the client not only what they lose but also what they gain. We will definitely be continuing to include the scans in our future challengers and programs and would always been happy to recommend to anyone or any business who wants to create a healthier focus on the body, not just a focus on the scales alone. Thank you Karo and Team for all that you do and keep up the amazing work you do for the industry.
Alicia Wyborn
Personal Trainer and owner of OzFit Personal Training, Capalaba