About Us

Let us do the work for you!

At Total Body Composition, we provide the full set up, including the InBody570 device, printer, table, stadiometer, and InBody Certified staff member.

We also give you a full interpretation of your results so you can understand what the results mean.

InBody guidebook – you are provided with a take home booklet to reference and explain in further detail what your scan means

Free access to the InBody App to keep your body composition electronically on your phone

Preparing for your Scan:

  • Never scan immediately after exercise
  • Ideally complete the scan on an empty stomach and bladder
  • The analysis should not be carried out post shower or sauna (the heat can cause a change in temperature and conductivity within the body)
  • Remove any heavy items, including wallet, phone, jewelry, and belts.
  • Ideally mimic similar conditions each time receiving your body composition reading  (ie. Testing time, clothing, and food intake).
  • Always wipe the palms of your hands (using only the InBody wipes provided) and soles of your feet before completing the scan. This improves the conductivity throughout the body.
  • In the case of pregnancy or a pacemaker in place, it is advised to not scan.
  • Breast augmentation, metal plates, pins, screws, and prosthetic joints will affect the body composition results.
  • Avoid any talking or moving during the scan as it may lead to interference with your test results.